Slow is for the woman who desires richness and riches in her life and business. It’s for the self-aware and sensitive-souls. The woman who wears many hats, and is incredibly intentional about where she spends her time. The leaders and legacy makers who aren’t willing to hustle their way to the top, but still want to grow an incredible business sustainably.

It’s for the wise woman who knows the power of the ‘BOTH/AND’ and is ready to integrate it into her being in business… To play in the polarity of the dreaming and the doing. The peace and the profit. The softness and success.

It’s for the woman ready to dance in the slow AND actualise the knowing that it’s from this place she collapses timelines and creates sustained momentum toward the income, impact, presence and pleasure she desires.

It’s for the woman ready to exhale as she expands. Bigger than she ever imagined.

Can you feel that softness in your body already?

Inside Slow you’ll learn how to feel that good every time you’re in your business.

Unlike most masterminds that either support your heart or your head, Slow is a space where both are held. A space where strategy AND embodiment are woven together to support your whole self through all the seasons (including especially the messy ones). A soft space to land in your business, love your life, and lead bravely. For results, in a way you never knew were possible.

A space where slowing down is the catalyst for the abundance around you speeding up.

Slow is the table of women we want to circle up with and share in the journey of consciously creating a deeply impactful business that doesn’t cost you your life AND still generates a healthy profit.

Perhaps it’s the table you’ve been searching for too?

We’re Jess & Sam… two business besties on a mission to model a way of being in and doing business that doesn’t cost you your life, relationships, health etc… and to lead a movement of humans doing the same.

… end the burnout-boredom-burn-it-to-the-ground cycle and create a sustainable business that feels like a playground for your most creative expression and abundant expansion

… stop stuffing your schedule and create space for all the things that matter to you because you have a business that leverages your time & energy – and you know without a shadow of doubt you are inherently worthy, regardless of how many things you do in a day

… overcome overwhelm, procrastination, perfectionism, self-sabotage, and all the other ways you’re shying away from your power & success so you can take up space as the industry-leading, legacy-maker you are

… quit chasing someone else’s version for success and unapologetically create your own, trusting you are unconditionally successful at every stage and season of your business and life

Slow is a six month immersive experience and includes:

  • 3 x half day online immersions (think luscious virtual retreat vibes were we’ll nourish your body and mind as we workshop your sustainable, supportive, spacious and - yes, still - revenue generating and profitable business)

  • 3 x weekly small group coaching calls each month (with max 6 people per pod you’ll have the space to be seen and supported on each call)

  • 1 x private strategy intensive with Jess Miller (complete with your custom roadmap for slow, sustained success)

  • 1 x private coaching session with Sam Dhu (great for holding you through the messy middle that inevitably comes with bravely changing course in life and business)

  • Weekly slack support (a space for actual accountability, community connection, supervision and sharing whatever is on your heart between calls)

  • And many more surprises and treats along the way

We begin April 24 2024

Early Enrolment Pricing - SAVE $1,000 (available until 20 Mar, 2024)

$9,500 AUD upfront


10 x monthly payments of $950 (starting as soon as you join)

(scholarships are available upon request in accordance with our Slow Equity Policy)

So you don’t have to wait until Slow begins in April to receive support from us, you'll have the opportunity to receive private mentoring from BOTH Sam & jess 1 day per week inside Slack starting from the week you enrol (meaning the earlier you join the more support you'll receive).

    PLUS you’ll get complimentary access to these bonus programs:

    • Homecoming by Jess Miller

    • Worthy to Expand by Sam Dhu

    "Working with Sam has helped me to not only connect with the true values I hold as a woman and as a social worker but she has helped me to see how I can take this knowledge to refocus my business and my social work heart and channel that into a business that I truly want to dive into and build further. I have felt supported and encouraged through the whole process with the knowledge that Sam is someone who has “walked the walk” in relation to this work.”

    Karen Barett - The Empowered Social Worker

    “Over the course of our time together Jess supported me to listen to my inner compass, be willing to put down the load and let go if there is no spark. It's funny, I thought I was on a mission to level up and go big with my business but it's been surprising and delightful to experience the complete opposite unfold over the past two years. The working days and weeks have become even shorter as the family time has expanded - it's been wonderful and feels so right!”

    Kate Graham - Soulful Yoga Therapy

    We’re not a fan of pressure-y tactics, but we do believe in transparency, so as you feel into the essence of Slow and if this container is right for you, here’s what we want you to know:

    In 2025 this will be a 10 month experience, but we recognise from our research and conversations with so many of you that committing to something for 10 months isn’t necessarily supportive right now. Which means it’s highly likely this is the last opportunity you’ll have to experience the magic of Slow as a 6 month mastermind – and at this never-to-be-repeated price.

    In addition, there are limited spaces. As two humans who highly value intimacy and depth, spaces in Slow are strictly limited and we anticipate they’ll sell out.

    Still got questions?

    Below are some of the most asked questions about Slow.

    We believe the level of privilege you hold shouldn’t be the determinant for the levels of prosperity, peace, pleasure, and presence you get to experience AND we acknowledge there are many dominant systems at play which pose legitimate barriers to access the opportunities and support to make that a reality – not to mention the impact of such systems and narratives on your ability to feel safe enough to take up space, and worthy of receiving in all its forms. Slow is intentionally designed to disrupt that. From the very beginning of this collaboration we wanted to BE the change we want to see. To do things (very) differently to what we’ve witnessed in the industry. Part of that is this equity policy: Slow will always be a brave space — held gently & deeply by trauma informed, somatically trained & racially aware facilitators. A space where diversity is not only welcomed, but celebrated for the richness it brings. A space where your ability, circumstances, or identities are considered, and wherever feasible accommodated. A space where we act as humans first, and business owners second And here’s what we’re currently doing to make it so: A partial scholarship of $3,000 is available off the full price of the mastermind to anyone who holds a historically marginalised identity and/or who’s ability to earn an income is impacted by their circumstances (e.g. chronic health / single parenting / caring for an unwell family member). And extended payment plans of up to 12 months are available upon request. (Which means you can join Slow for only $625/month) All content will be provided in video, audio, and transcript form to accommodate various learning styles. At the time of onboarding, and throughout the program, all participants will have the opportunity to inform us of any circumstances that may impact their ability to get the most out of this experience and will be personally supported to create a plan to mitigate this. Both Sam and Jess will continue to expand our lens through ongoing DEI education and training, and partake in regular supervision to ensure we are holding safer spaces. By virtue of being human, you are inherently worthy and unconditionally successful. Regardless of the identities you hold or your current situation, if you are feeling the call of Slow, let’s have a conversation about how we can make it work for you!

    Slow will open on Wednesday 24th April 2024 and run through to Wednesday 6th November 2024. Currently the immersions are scheduled for Wed 1st May, Wed 3rd July, and Wednesday 4th Sept (in Australia). Coaching pods are pencilled in for the following times: - 10.30am-11.30am AWST Wednesdays (12.30pm Wed AEST // 10.30pm Tue EDT // 7.30pm Tue PDT) - 5pm-6pm AWST Wednesdays (7pm Wed AEST // 10am Wed BST)
 There will be a MAXIMUM of 6 people per pod and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. You will be provided links to book your private calls at a day/time that’s convenient for you (subject to availability). All calls will be recorded and a replay will be made available within 48 hours of the call.

    A huge reason we are capping the size of Slow is to allow us to provide a high-touch experience that blends the potency of 1:1 support with the power of collective masterminding. We both highly value getting to know the lives and businesses of the women we support as that enables us to provide coaching that’s truly tailored to your unique circumstances. Both Jess & Sam will be on immersions and inside Slack Tue-Thur each week, plus you’ll have the opportunity to receive hot seat coaching from each of them inside the podcalls. Behind the scenes we’ve developed a robust process for communicating and collaborating around our clients goals and desires so we’ll always be up to speed with whatever you’ve worked on with each of us. Put simply, you’ll have BOTH our hands and hearts in and on your business regularly!

    One of the reasons we are BOTH so committed to creating this program is because of our shared values and approach to supporting our clients. The other is the way our skill sets and expertise really compliment each other to bring full-spectrum support to growing and sustaining a business that also allows YOU, the woman behind it all, to thrive. While we both adore each other and refer clients between us, we want you to feel 100% comfortable in who you are being supported by, which is why the application process involves a week-long conversation in Voxer where you have the opportunity to connect with us and ask all the questions you need to feel confident about joining this experience. Or if a face to face is your thing, we’re so happy to schedule a 15 min connection call.

    When it comes to space holding, we are very intentional about the experiences we curate. Having an application process is a way for all three of us to connect and have a beautiful open hearted, free flowing conversation over the course of a week (Via Voxer) so we can get to know each other, your business, your vision and answer any lingering questions you may have about the experience so we can all move forward confident that Slow is the place you need to be, and we are the coaches that can support you to your version of success.

    Once you make payment your place in Slow is confirmed. You will immediately receive calendar invites for the mastermind calls and access to book. your 1:1 calls as well asr any bonus programs. Closer to the commencement you will be sent a welcome pack containing a program handbook, slack access, and other onboarding surprises in preparation for our opening call and first immersion.

    Unlike most masterminds that have a tonne of content for you to go through, and move at a pace that’s hard to sustain for more than a couple of months, Slow is intentionally designed to integrate into your business and life. We want you to feel nourished, spacious, and supported in your business and life and everything we work on in Slow will be helping you achieve that. In fact, committing to this experience is actually going to make it easier to get everything else done in your business and life. Instead of taking action from a place of overwhelm and beating yourself up to ‘be better’, you’ll learn to show up in your life as the person you WANT to be: the unapologetic version of you who doesn’t get caught up in perfectionism, procrastination and people pleasing. Developing these skills won’t only give you hours back each week, you’ll get access to all the energy that you’re currently spending feeling overwhelmed. In short, if you can commit half a day every other month to attending the immersions and showing up to at least one group coaching call a month, you are going to get so much out of this experience.

    All call replays are uploaded in our online home within 48 hours. But if you miss a call and decide to not catch the replay, it won’t stop you from creating the change you’re here to make because perfect action is NOT required. You’ll still continue to create a deeply impactful business that doesn’t cost your life whether you watch every live call or not.

    Absolutely! We’d love to help you talk through any lingering questions or concerns. Submit your obligation free application here and we’ll both jump into Voxer or schedule a Zoom call with you.

    If you have any other questions that are not answered please feel free to email or DM us 

    Jess - OR

    Sam - OR

    We are happy to support in any way we can.

    “Working with Jess has hands down been the best decision I’ve made for my business to date. Jess has helped me create the business I’ve always dreamt of, and from here, I only need to scale, which is such an exciting place to be in! I’ve been the most profitable in my business since working with Jess than I ever have, and I feel SO aligned to what I’m doing. Thank you Jess!”

    Jen Butler - Early Years Parenting

    “Investing in myself under Sam’s dedicated but gentle guidance has helped me to embrace my true nature - unapologetically, pursue and achieve goals I thought were impossible, and free myself from the weight of all the mental baggage I’d unknowingly been carrying for years and years. Now I feel so much lighter, confident in my actions to live the life I want, and I feel calmer, because I understand my imperfections and show myself compassion instead of wishing them away and hiding them.”

    Karen Parrott - Connected Kids